Big Mouth Gignormous Unicorn Sprinkler

Here we are, staring at those hot summer months and do you know what that means? It means it’s time to start planning all of those exciting outdoor activities! If you have little ones, they probably like to play in the water during the summertime. If you’re into playing in the yard, then I have a little surprise for you – it’s a sprinkler …but not just any sprinkler. Today, I’m going to introduce you to something that your children are going to adore – it goes by the name of Big Mouth Gignormous Unicorn Sprinkler.

Sure, you could always just pop a normal garden sprinkler in front of the little ones and they’ll run and play in it, but why not make things a little bit more interesting? There’s something really exciting about seeing a unicorn shoot water.

This is a pretty cool unicorn sprinkler that is gigantic and colorful – this is exactly what your little ones need during those hot summer months.

7 Feet Tall

This gigantic unicorn yard sprinkler stands 7 feet tall, and is made out of a durable vinyl (it doesn’t feel cheap at all).

Easy to Set-Up

When you have little ones running around, you’re going to hope it’s super easy to set up. When it comes to setting up this sprinkler, you’re in luck, because there’s no complications at all – it’s super easy to set up. I know, this sprinkler looks massive, but all you need to do is inflate it (that’s also easy to do), and connect your normal garden hose to it, then turn the water on and watch your children dance around the unicorn.

On an additional note, the sprinkler is really light, which is surprising. This means you can easily move it around the yard when you feel the need to.

Easy to Store

I like how easy it is to deflate and store. Believe it or not, it deflates fast (there’s a wide-mouth cap) and folds up so that you can compactly store it in your garage (or wherever you choose) for next year.


Did I mention the Big Mouth Gignormous Unicorn Sprinkler is great for parties? Whether it’s a Birthday party, cookout, family get together, or whatever it may be, if it involves your backyard (or even your front of side yard), the sunshine, and children, then this unicorn sprinkler is going to be a big hit. I know many adults that would enjoy it as much as the little ones as well. If you’re not a fan of the unicorn, there’s also a giant green dinosaur sprinkler by Big Mouth that you may be interested in.

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