Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set Review

There is so much magic nesting behind Crayola, but that’s how Crayola has always been. To me, it seems as if Crayola is constantly going above and beyond with each kit they release. When you think of Crayola, chances are, you probably think of crayons and coloring, but Crayola is a company that has jumped past all of that. While they still offer crayons and cool coloring accessories, they are also offering neat little kits like the upcoming Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set.

What is the Crayola STEM Color Chemistry Lab Set?

Basically, this set takes those classic experiments and makes it so that you can do them in the comfort of your own home. I’m talking about the glow worm, and slime. What I really like is how it takes the popular volcano experiment and adds a twist to it.

The instruction book is easy to follow, so your little ones shouldn’t have a problem with it. The kit comes with a variety of colors, which is something we would automatically expect from Crayola, because they are, after all, a company well known for making crayons.

50 Colorful Science Activities

With this set, your little ones can flex those artistic muscles. The instruction booklet will inspire them as it shows a total of 50 colorful science activities they can try out.

All Materials Are Included for 15 Experiments

There’s no need to worry about having to run out and grab extra materials, because Crayola did a great job at including all of the materials needed in order to do 15 experiments. If your children would like to do additional experiments (and I’m sure they will), then you can easily go off of the list and get them exactly what they need.

When Will the Lab Come Out?

After further research, I discovered that the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab set will be released later this year (2018) and it will cost $24.99, which is a very good price for something like this.

Who is This Set for?

If you have little ones that enjoy coloring and doing science experiments (most children do), then this set would be great for them. As you may already know, there are many benefits nesting behind projects like this, so I highly recommend it.


So what do you say? After reading about the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set, do you think it’s something you and your children would enjoy working on? If you’re looking for some fun activities to bond with your children over, then this would be a great way to start out. As I said in the review, the set contains enough materials for you to do 15 projects in all, but there are 50 projects listed in the booklet. You can easily go out and buy the additional materials needed to complete the other 35 projects. All in all, I believe this set is well worth the price, so look for it on store shelves later this year!

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