Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceania Figure

From time to time, a toy comes out that your little girl just has to have for all of the right reasons and today, Disney is introducing their new Musical Moana of Oceania Figure – this is something that every Moana fan is going to want – continue reading to discover whether or not this doll is better than the previous version.

Starting out, this doll is recommended for the ages 3 and up. This Moana figure looks a lot like her movie character, which is a good thing. When she sings, her pendant lights up and just like the previous Moana doll, she is interactive. To me, she just looks more realistic, and this is something you’re probably going to notice as well.

Description of Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceana Figure

There was one Moana doll that I got, I believe it was the last one – in the packaging, they clamped the dolls hair down, and it got all crinkly and basically ruined it. Luckily for this one, they obviously learned because they didn’t clamp her hair down in the same manner. Just like the movie, her hair looks pretty. She also has an anklet bracelet on, which is a nice little additional feature that the little ones are going to notice.

Stand on Her Own

With a little bit of effort, she can stand on her own and she even comes with a nice head band that you can put on her hair. As your little girl is putting the headband on, she’s going to notice just how much hair this doll has (she has a lot and it’s really thick).

She has a two piece dress on – a skirt and a shirt, with everything securing in the back.

In order to make Moana sing, all you have to do is press the pendant on the necklace and she will start singing her popular Moana song titled “How Far I’ll Go.” This is a feature that little girls are going to really enjoy – what child doesn’t like when their toy sings to them


All in all, I believe the Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceana Figure would make a great gift for that little girl in your life. I’d like to see a Moana doll that would sing a bit more of her song than a little sentence, but this one right here is a good start in the right direction – maybe in the future this is something Disney will consider doing. She can stand on her own, her hair is much more like the movie, her outfit is nice, and she is more movable.

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