Special Effects and Car Racing: Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing Slays It

The Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing is evidence of Hot Wheels upping its game.

Available Fall 2018 — just in time for you-know-what.

Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Track


Hot Wheels are just as popular now as they were in the 90s. Remember those cool Hot Wheels toys?

I remember having a lot of Hot Wheels stuff, along with various racing tracks. I absolutely loved watching my toy cars as they zoomed up and down the speedway. Yes, the 90’s were good times for toys–lots of toy car collisions, explosions and slow-mo.

In the spirit of keeping that alive, Mattel is moving forward and helping kids keep their imagination active. So enter this new innovation called…

Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?)

Here’s the scoop on this Augmented Reality track…

  • Augmoto is an AR racing track.
  • Children will be able to go deeper into their imagination and see what their Hot Wheels look like.
  • Of course, there will be explosions and collisions galore in keeping with days gone by.

The company actually just finished celebrating Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary. It’s hard to believe Hot Wheels has been around for 50 whole years, isn’t it?

Along with offering new interconnected Rocket League-themed and Hot Wheels City arena, they are also offering Augmoto. 

Vroom! Vroom! Missiles-Lightning-Action and more with the Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing

Children are going to have a blast when it comes time to play with Augmoto AR…

  • Two players can use iPads that are connected via Bluetooth in order to control the cars actions.

At the time of writing this review, I’m not sure whether or not an Android tablet can be used, but I do know an iPad can be used.

  • The car will need to complete 30 laps, but you’ll need to keep in mind that the car will have a limited amount of charge, so you’ll have to decide how long and when to fuel up and make pit stops, or when to shoot your weapon at your opponent.
  • When you shoot a weapon at your opponent, it will slow them down.

Augmoto’s Cars Move Automatically

  • Although Augmoto’s cars move on their own, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the AR interface.

As the power levels drop, so will your speed.

  • Also, what I really like about this “toy” is that you have to make frequent pit stops just like in real racing.
  • Along with all of that, you’ll also be the one to decide when to go for a loop. Before you get the hang of it, surely you’re going to have some accidents.

Final thoughts on Hot Wheels Augmoto AR Reality Racing

The AR racing track was still in development at the time of writing this review.

It’s scheduled to be released between September and December 2018, hopefully in time for the gift giving season. When it does hit the market, the Hot Wheels Augmoto is set to retail at $120. 

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