LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall Set

There’s little doubt that the LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall Set will be a hot Christmas toy this year.

LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall

Later this year the second Fantastic Beasts movie is released Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Prior to this LEGO are launching a range of new sets based on the Harry Potter movies with the first couple of sets hitting the stores on August 1st.

There have been many LEGO Hogwarts sets over the years at different price ranges and quality but from what we have seen of this set so far we’re quite impressed.

Features of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Great Hall

Although this isn’t LEGO’s first attempt at producing a miniature Harry Potter castle, this latest venture is still indeed a mammoth accomplishment. And for the price, it has lot of great features and should be a fun build as well as great to play with.

  • The dimensions build a reproduction of the Great Hall that stands around 14” high, 6” wide and 11”deep.
  • The tower has 4 levels.
  • The actual set is based on the first couple of Harry Potter movies rather than the latter Fantastic Beast series and this is reflected in the 10 mini-figures that come with the set.
  • Looking at the mini-figures, we can see that there are some new molds and
  • the child characters have shorter legs to reflect their smaller size.
  • They also have new more realistic looking wands.
  • The new printing and redesigned hairstyles for Harry and Hermione should impress LEGO s well as Harry Potter fans.

The entire LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall set comes with a lot of new elements and a variety of new details…

  • There are have five students all dressed in their Hogwarts uniforms these include
    • Harry Potter
    • Ron Weasley
    • Hermione Granger
    • Draco Malfoy and a LEGO first with
    • Susan Bones

We then have various other Hogwarts characters including…

  • Professor McGonagall
  • Professor Quirrell who comes with a spinning dual Lord Voldemort face
  • We also have Albus Dumbledore and another LEGO first with
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • Last but not least is a brand new Hagrid Figure that holds a pink umbrella and lantern.

Other favorite animals and mythical creatures from the movie are included, namely…

  • Fakwes the phoenix who was Dumbledore’s defender and animal companion.

You can recreate the famous fight between him and the

  • Basilisk snake which is also included in this set
  • Hedwig, the owl and
  • Ron Weasley’s pet rat scabbers.

  • The actual building comprised two parts the great hall and the main tower.
  • The tower features the iconic movable grand staircase…
    • a potions room and
    • a treasure room.
    • In the turret is the Mirror of Erised which comes with different pictures and also a spot for Fawkes to roost.

The latest LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall has a massive about of accessories, features and detail…

  • Of course, there’s is the famous Sorting Hat, as well as
  • food
  • reversible house banners
  • a fireplace and
  • floating candles
  • tables and seats and
  • a trophy cup and teapot

In this Harry Potter building blocks set, there are many other accessories and stickers included for additional detail such as extra wands, a spider and magic brooms.

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A huge amount of detail has gone into this set and it’s obviously a labor of love from true Harry Potter fans.

LEGO plan on expanding this range of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets but this one and a Grindelwald’s Escape set will be the first to be released.

This LEGO Harry Potter’s Great Hall 2018 is scheduled to retail at around U.S. $100 and consists of 878 pieces.

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