Little Kids Sesame Street Giggle and Bubble Elmo

Many times, as adults, when we think of a “toy,” we think of it as something we go to the store and buy. However, for children, the terminology is a bit different. Children look at their toy box as a magical land where they go and use their imagination. Toys are also useful for helping children build their skills (like motor skills) that they need in their adult life. Toys help teach the little ones how to make decisions, while sparking their imagination. If you’re looking for an exciting toy for your little one to play with, then you may be interested in the upcoming Little Kids Sesame Street Giggle and Bubble Elmo.

About the Little Kids Sesame Street Giggle and Bubble Elmo

What little kid doesn’t love Elmo? I remember growing up, Elmo was one of my favorite characters – there’s just something magical about his voice that just reels you in. This particular toy right here is a bubble blower that is shaped like Elmo’s head. When you push Elmo’s nose, he will blow a continuous stream of bubbles, which will be sure to make the little ones laugh.

Elmo Phrases

While blowing bubbles, this cute little toy plays 15 popular Elmo phrases (if your child is an Elmo fan, surely he/she already knows those phrases).

Blowing Bubbles

Assembling this toy isn’t all that hard to do. Simply take the bubble solution and screw it into the bottom of the bubble machine. Once the bubble hold is screwed in, press Elmo’s nose to turn it on. It may take up to 45 seconds before the bubbles start to shoot out, but once they do, the real excitement will start.

Due to the fact that this toy is battery operated, it will make it easier for children that are aged 2 and up to blow bubbles. This way, the little ones will be able to get to the fun part of blowing bubbles …what’s the fun part? Well, chasing after the bubbles and popping them as fast as you can, of course!

This toy requires 3 double A batteries and those are not included. It also comes with a four-ounce bottle of bubble solution, but once that runs out, you can easily purchase more to refill it, or, if you like, you could easily make your own bubble solution for the toy. Either way, with the Little Kids Sesame Street Giggle and Bubble Elmo, your child will have an endless amount of bubbles to chase around.


The Little Kids Sesame Street Giggle and Bubble Elmo is definitely a must have for all of those little Elmo fans out there. Children will have a blast with the bubbles, but at the same time, they’re really going to get a kick out of listening to Elmo as he counts and sings while he blows all of those bubbles.


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