Star Wars Co-Pilot Chewbacca

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie by Hasbro

The Star Wars Ultimate co-pilot Chewbacca toy  will no doubt be one of the more popular characters from the movie. Who will be yours?

It might depend on your age and the particular Star Wars films that you grew up with. But Han Solo’s furry best friend and co-pilot Chewbacca must be on any Star Wars fans shortlist.

Chewbacca appeared in the first Star Wars movie and over 40 years later he’s still one of the most popular characters.

The movie Solo: A Star Wars Story is released and many youngsters will be introduced to Chewbacca for the first time while others will love that this lovable character is to appear on the big screen again. This movie chronicles the early adventures of Han & Chewie and we’ll get to see the younger versions in action.

Last year Hasbro launched the FurReal line of interactive animals and yes this one is going to be our favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. You might know of FurReal from other toys in the ranger like Roarin’ Tyler the playful tiger and Torch the dragon.

Features of Star Wars Co-Pilot Chewbacca

  • co-pilot Chewie stands 16 inches tall and
  • has 100 different sound and movement combinations so the more he is played with the more features are discovered.

This Star Wars Chewbacca interactive toy uses an accelerometer which means that

  • it responds to movement so he reacts to when he is picked up in different ways.

  • he speaks Wookie and when he is talked to he replies in his own language, Shyriiwook

Younger children might find his Wookie roar a little scary.

Recommended age for FurReal Star Wars Co-Pilot Chewbacca

The FurReal Chewbacca toy is recommended for four years and older. This seems an okay age for kids who should be fine with Chewie’s friendly growl. We were impressed with how close the sound was to the real character in the movie.

  • His face has some great expressions as well.
  • Kids can rock their toy Wookie to sleep.
  • This FurReal toy is a bit more cuddly and soft compared to the movie wookie.
  • Once he is tired enough and falls asleep he will shut his eyes and even snore.
  • This FurReal toy is a bit more cuddly and soft compared to the movie wookie
  • Chewie is very ticklish and if you tickle your FurReal Wookie he will react to your tickling.

Hasbro Co-Pilot Chewbacca

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is a great toy for young Star Wars fans and though it won’t be available when the Han Solo film appears on the big screen. It will be available later in the year so will be on many kids wish lists for the holidays–and maybe a few adults too.

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The toy will require 4AA batteries that are not included in your purchase.

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie will be the perfect gift for lovers of anything Star Wars as well as the enthusiasts. It will be an awesome addition to their collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

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