Kids Will Rock With Think & Learn Rocktopus

Think & Learn Rocktopus is yet another addition to the line of STEM toys. This toy teaches kids all about music while exploring a variety of musical styles.  Ready to rock with your kids?

Fisher Price Think & Learn Rocktopus

If you’re not familiar with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) toys, they focus on teaching and encouraging kids to excel in these areas.

Fisher-Price’s newest toy being released on the market is called the Think & Learn Rocktopus. If you have children ages three to six, and you’re looking for a STEM toy, then the Rocktopus might just be suitable for your little ones. 

What are the benefits of Think & Learn Roctopus?

  • Teaches kids the varying sounds of a variety of instruments
  • Kids may sit for hours trying to make their own music
  • While learning about music (something that will really catch the little ones attention), the child will also
    • Learn about
      • rhythmic patterns
      • numbers, and math skills
  • Discover fun facts about music
  • Guides and encourages kids to compose their own tunes by mixing and remixing

Features of Fisher Price Think & Learn Rocktopus

  • 15 different instruments across
  • 5 genres
  • 3 play modules–music, math, game
  • download free Rocktopus app

In a nutshell, this STEM toy teaches the basics of math using music and so much more.

One of the pluses of this toy is that since it’s recommended for kids three to six years old, you can figure that if you bought it for your three-year-old, he or she will be learning from it at least until they reach the age of six before they’ve outgrown it or find it less challenging.

There have been numerous educational music toys in the past, but Fisher Price has taken a unique approach with the Think & Learn Rocktopus.

Recently unveiled at the NY Toy Fair, Rocktopus is shaped like an octopus, hence its name. It teaches kids to learn through music. Wish an educational toy like this was available when my children were that age. They would have enjoyed the creative challenge of mixing and matching sounds.

This musical toy would be a welcome gift for kids who love music. From drums to horns and more, the music is made by putting tiny pods on their arms. The pods represent the different musical instruments.

The Fisher-Price Roctopus is set to be released this Fall (2018) and is set to start out at a price of $59.99, which is a reasonable price when it comes to a high-quality STEM toys by Fisher Price.

The Thing & Learn series by Fisher Price is a wonderful learning process that encourages children to learn while having fun. Other innovative  products from this series include


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Final thoughts on Rocktopus

If you have children that are in the right age limit for the Think & Learn Rocktopus, then this a perfect gift to encourage them in their creativity. And in addition, perhaps your child shows even a little interest in music, then why not develop your little mini-maestro’s talent with the Think & Learn Rocktopus for starters?  Who knows, one day you may be attending one of his or her sold out concert.

Think & Learn Rocktopus Available Fall 2018 at Amazon 

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